Our Responsibilities

To Customers

Your home is likely to be the most significant investment you ever make, so we want you to have the best experience when you choose Edenstone. It is important to us that you love living in your new home.

We take our responsibility to you very seriously. That is why we are committed to excellence in design and construction, uncompromising specifications and attentive and responsive aftersales care.

Our responsibility does not end when we hand over the last set of keys. By innovating and engineering homes that are greener, reduce energy consumption and waste, you will save money and feel great about your new Edenstone home, for years to come.

To Staff

Direct Staff

Our responsibility to staff at Edenstone goes way beyond employment contracts and regulations. By encouraging staff to share their ideas freely with colleagues and managers, we have created a working environment where people can thrive, both personally and professionally.

We recognise individual and team contributions to bind our workplace together like a family, ensuring staff feel supported, valued and rewarded. That is why people join and stay at Edenstone.

As with any construction business, we have an extensive supply chain and rely on contractors and skilled tradesmen and women. We take our responsibility seriously for their wellbeing and safety, and for the quality of their work. Our safety record and the quality of our homes is testimony to the success of our partnership with staff, contractors and suppliers.

Supply Chain

To Communities

From the very beginning of a project, our approach to identifying and acquiring new sites is to be sensitive to the impact our development will have on communities. Our master-planners work to ensure we enrich the landscape and communities in which our homes will become a part.

Throughout the design and planning stages, we liaise with local authorities, local people and community groups to better understand their needs and interests so we can ensure we have a positive impact on people and what matters to them – communities, infrastructure, transport and a greener future.

We seek to invest in the future of the communities we join, creating employment and reinvesting in those communities by sourcing local materials and labour whenever we can.

Community Contributions
Affordable Homes Built

To the Environment

We embrace our responsibility to build in an ethical and sustainable way.

Edenstone has always sought to use good design, new products and innovative construction methods that lessen our impact on the planet. We are investing heavily and aim to be at the vanguard of Zero Carbon construction and living.

We want to enhance the local environment and contribute to improving quality of life. We adopt the principles of secure by design, making Edenstone developments safe and secure for families, children and older people.

Edenstone pledges to support the principles of the Paris Agreement on Climate Action. As such we are striving to reduce emissions from our business and ensure our homes help citizens reduce the societal impact of climate change.

We are researching how to make living in our homes Carbon Free. By exploring the latest solar PV and thermal technology, wind power and community electricity storage, we are helping homeowners become energy self-sufficient. We also want to develop ways to make ground heat source, water reclamation and recycling more effective and widely used.