MOTHERS and babies in one of the world’s least developed countries will have improved access to healthcare, thanks to the sales of new homes in South Wales and the South West of England.

The Edenstone Foundation has donated £10,000 to Compassion UK’s Different Path Appeal to support vulnerable mothers and babies and help improve poor child survival rates in Togo, West Africa.

In Togo, one in every 20 babies do not reach their first birthday.

With more than half of people in Togo living below the poverty line on less than £1.50 a day, thousands of families simply can’t afford or access basic lifesaving nutrition and medical support.

The Edenstone Group, based in Magor, is backing the appeal via the Edenstone Foundation, which receives a proportion of the proceeds of all homes sold by the business.

The Foundation has also already committed funds for a two-year project that will bring clean water and sanitation to the Haho region of Togo.

Compassion’s Different Path Appeal will fund Child Survival projects, delivered in partnership with local churches in Togo. These projects will improve pregnant women’s access to antenatal check-ups and trained birth attendants, offer life-saving assistance including basic healthcare, hygiene, nutritious food and safe water, as well as providing mentoring, support and spiritual guidance for families.

The UK government (Department for International Development) is matching each donation given to Compassion’s Different Path Appeal before 24 June 2019, so Edenstone Foundation’s donation will be doubled enabling even more families to be helped.

Martin Taylor, managing director of the Edenstone Group, said: “We are proud to support the Different Path Appeal from the sale of new homes.

“All mothers and babies deserve access to healthcare and the appeal’s role in one of the least developed countries is vital to ensure that communities will benefit from support which can save lives.”

The Edenstone Group has current developments in Dinas Powys, and Lydney, with sites planned in Morriston, Ross-on-Wye and Brockworth, amongst others.

The Edenstone Foundation allocates funding to a number of projects with Compassion the charity’s sole overseas partner.

In Togo, more than half the population live below the national poverty level.

Compassion says that 60% of youngsters they work with in the Haho region suffer from water-related diseases.

The Edenstone Foundation is providing funds for a two year survival project, to create water points and hand-washing facilities, amongst other vital services.

Clare Hartley, Director of Philanthropy at Compassion UK, said: “Compassion is delighted to have begun a partnership with the Edenstone Foundation. Thanks to their generosity, this community in Togo can look forward to significant health improvements. We look forward to working with Edenstone over the next couple of years to see lives changed and hope for a bright future restored.”